This is the story of narco-trafficking syndicates – one of the richest, most violent, insidious criminal organizations in the history of the world. This is not just a chronicle about Pablo Escobar – it’s the true story of the cocaine highway.
NARCOS is Scarface meets Goodfellas meets Sons of Anarchy – set in the jungles of Columbia.
LAUNCHED AUGUST 28, 2015 2nd season 2016
Demo: As with the positioning of the show, the product will be targeted to an edgy and mature adult audience.
Primary: Male 18 – 35
Secondary: Female 18 – 35
Look and feel of products: The product will reflect the good vs. bad (i.e. the Medellin vs. DEA) story beats of the show. Focus will be on the cool one-sheet images, show logos, cocaine, iconic references, Pablo Escobar character imagery as well as core taglines from the show.
NARCOS is nominated for 2 Golden Globes 2016 in the category best performance by an Actor in a television series (Drama) and best television series (Drama).